Real estate

It may be the best thing in the world: building something together. Whether constructing actual buildings or lease agreements, in both cases the main objective is to create something to be proud of. Obviously we want to go about this in the best way possible, especially since such matters often go hand in hand with considerable investments.
Our lawyers can advise you on every possible legal issue you may encounter on your real estate path. Our clients benefit from the knowledge they have in their respective fields of expertise, which include construction law, procurement and competition law, tenancy and property law, government and spatial development.

Personal approach

When you take your business to Poelmann van den Broek, you will have your own contact person who is well informed about your situation, and will keep you up to date about new developments. If specialisation in a certain field is called for, they will involve a colleague to address that particular issue. By working in this way, we offer our clients the benefit of the expertise and experience of a large team of experts, and the comfort of a personal approach.

Our Clients

We work for a wide range of clients; they include architects, contractors, housing associations, governments, estate agents, property companies and funds, and investment funds. This diversity enables us to view things from many different perspectives, and our clients benefit from that.

Our services

Amongst other things, we advise and provide litigation services on:

  • Contracts and obligations in the property sector
  • General terms and conditions and building terms and conditions
  • Construction disputes
  • Construction and completion
  • Contract documents
  • Forms of cooperation
  • Property development
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Lease and tenancy law
  • Mortgage rights
  • Easements
  • Superficies
  • Ground lease
  • Recovery of costs
  • Cooperation agreements with governments
  • Environmental planning
  • Permits and licences
  • Environmental Permitting (General Provisions) Act (Wabo)
  • Loss resulting from government planning decisions
  • Public order and safety
  • Liberalisation /decontrol
  • Obligations to issue a call for tenders and tender procedures
  • Phrasing and application
  • Award and selection criteria
  • Operation of property
  • Rights of use, and neighbours' statutory rights and obligations
  • Apartment rights
  • Eviction and antisquatting

For further information on our Real Estate team, please contact Rudi Minkhorst. You can reach him by telephone on +31 (0) 24 381 14 02 or by email on